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Register For Professional Skills Test. Richardstep strengths and weaknesses aptitude test. The richardstep strengths and weaknesses aptitude test (also available in spanish), consists of 84 questions in which you rank statements from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree.” while it may seem tedious (it takes about 10 minutes) it scores your ability in 21 professional areas, such as resourcefulness and.

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Free tools to help you get started not sure how you’ll perform on the exam? Registered professional reporter (rpr) registered merit reporter (rmr) registered diplomate reporter (rdr). They help employers to eliminate candidates who are underqualified for a position, despite what their resumes say.

Journey of Success

Use our study guide and mock exam to help you pass. Please login or register to review tags: In this letter you will also find information about the costs and payment. The seven professional skills you checked most often are likely to be the skills you most enjoy using and perhaps are most motivated to use.